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"Cage" is a 3D adventure puzzle game based on the setting and stories of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City. The player controls Min, a child sent to live with his grandfather for the summer holidays. Min will explore and solve puzzles around the Walled City to acquaint himself with his surroundings.

The story is set in the Walled City on the verge of demolition in the late 80s; “Cage” will first and foremost be about family. The game showcases the local atmosphere and beliefs with beings such as Tudi Gong (the Earth God) as well as give insights into authentic locations and scenes of the Walled City such as the Communal Water Tap and the Temple. Players will also be able to look into famous parts of the Kowloon Walled City such as the Dentists, Fishball Factories and Protests prevalent during that time. “Cage” hopes to teach more players about the Walled City and allow people to learn while playing.

The game is in 3D to best restore the intricacies of the architectural structure of the Kowloon Walled City to its highest potential; in-game models have been modelled after original maps of the Walled City. There is much to explore in the Kowloon Walled City; players will be able to see more of the map once they complete each task in the Main Quest, so make sure to search through every nook and cranny!

Game Features

  • Scenes displaying Hong Kong's traditional culture
  • A map based on historical research
  • Speech patterns and dialogue based on the era
  • Solve puzzles during adventure
  • A cast of characters based on the Walled City residents
  • Dubbing in Cantonese and original sound track

Computer Specification Requirement

OS: 64-bit WIN10 


WASD | Arrows                                                                               Move
Shift + WASD  Run

The Demo

How To Play: 

  1. Download the zipped file through the link attached. 
  2. Unzip the file after finish downloading it. There will be 3 files in the unzipped folder. 
  3. Double click on the CAGE.exe to start the game!

Language Setting: 

  1. Click on the SECOND button
  2. Click on the arrow until it swaps to the language which suits you the best
  3. Back to the home page and the game is ready for you to start!

Technical Solution: 

Case 1: 
When searching for a key to unlock the gate, a yellow/gold coin with the Unity logo is revealed instead. The game stops working immediately and there is no way to exit that screen.

Please fully exit the game and re-enter the game by double-clicking the .exe. We currently found that this issue happens when player enter the game the second time through clicking New Game on the home page after exiting from the game.

DISCLAIMER: This demo is only the prologue; the story, gameplay, visuals and interaction are still yet to be finalised! We will improve our game according to the demo's reception.

Because our development capabilities are limited, there are always deficiencies in game screens and game optimization, and there is no guarantee that there will be good game performance on different devices. Please understand! 

If you want to support the project consider donating or following us on our official website and Facebook for more updates. We will keep updating the development process of the game.

Official website:https://www.scaffoldstudio-cage.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scaffoldstudio/

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: scaffoldstudio@gmail.com

Thank you!


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CAGE.7z 650 MB


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This is great! 


Goz explores the streets of Hong Kong's Walled City "Kowloon".

Subscribe here and show us some love!


Subscribed! And thank you so much for this lovely video! 

Feel free to let us know if you think of any comment or suggestions for us at anytime! 

Looking forward to have you played more of our games in the future! ^^

- Poki & Zac

It was our pleasure!

This game was an interesting insight of the residents of the city. Keep up the good work!

The dialog text when characters spoke was a little quick for me :) . It would be good if each line stayed on screen, and you clicked to continue to each new line.

If you guys are going to expand the game I would recomend making it a bit of a sandbox game, where you can find a bunch of characters around a bigger map of the city, giving you different tasks. At the moment it is a linear story, it would be good to have the choice on who to help out first and to be able to have multiple quests active at once :)


Gave it a go...

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for trying out our game ! YES, we think we should allow players to select language before they enter the game. Thank you so much for pointing out. We will update the page content soon with the instruction of choosing languages at this stage.  We would make changes in the following game development and hope to deliver a better experience for you as well as the other players. 

Thank you for making a video about our game = helping our game to be spread to more people! One of the goals for us making this game is to tell people in the world the history and culture and unique (and fun) facts about our hometown! ^^ 

- Poki & Zac

Installation failure. Please help....

(1 edit)

May you please describe your situation, the specification of your computer, or send us the screencap of the problem to ourail address:  scaffoldstudio@gmail.com ?

We would try to help! 

- Poki & Zac

It just stucks at here all the time and won't ever installed completely.

(1 edit)

Dear edger529, thank you for your report. We have tested downloading the game and we did not encounter the same situation. We suggested you to download the game zip without using the itch installer and try again. 

Let us know if you would still have the same problem with the downloading~ 

- Poki & Zac


This is an interesting concept. I really like Hong Kong themed games and can't wait to see the full version. Do you have an expected timeline on when the full version will be released?

(2 edits)

The team is happy to read your comment!

As we are still students, we will try hard to see if we are possible to obtain fundings from design or cultural or art institutes. If we can successfully receive fundings, we would probably be able to make the full version within 2 years.

Your comment has made our day! Thank you for your appreciation! ^^

- Poki & Zac


This was a really interesting little experience! I did feel lucky that I found the language options as easily as I did, but the world felt really lived in even if it was a little barren. The claustrophobic streets added a lot of atmosphere and helping the citizens was a really nice touch! Well done!

Thanks for your great appreciation of our game! 

You are not a dumb-dumb! It is us being not mature enough in the level design. We will continue work through it! 

For being a Hong Kong local, it is very glad to hear that you would like to know more about the Kowloon Walled City. It is my pleasure to introduce you the history and culture of my home. 

I love your video and your dubbing! Very lively and cute. Hope to bring you a better gaming experience with our complete version in the soon future! :D  

 - Poki & Zac